“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
Mary Oliver

Dharma Wild offers Awakening Practices in Wild Nature

David Clark

Dharma Wild is based in Southwest USA and offers awakening, meditative practices in wild nature, ranging from 10-day solo retreats to 3-5 day base camping retreats, and backpacking retreats.  Individualized retreats, tailored to the specific needs of an individual are available as well.

David also offers spiritual mentoring focusing on providing guidance and support to begin a spiritual practice or to deepen an already existing practice, assisting in overcoming the inevitable challenges that arise along a spiritual journey.

The retreats and programs offered by Dharma Wild are grounded in David’s 50 years of spiritual practice in the Great Wisdom Traditions combined with his decades of guiding and living in the wilderness.  He continues to ramble in wild nature, mostly traveling along the backroads of national forests, backpacking, camping, and hiking in the deserts, canyons, and mountains of the Southwest.

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Dharma Wild Core Beliefs

  1. Every human being has the capacity for realizing his or her inherent pure, spacious, luminous, blissful, natural mind.
  2. The spiritual path, including meditative practices (fundamentally focusing on awakening to our true nature or natural mind), is the way by which the impediments and obscurations that hinder our awakening, are clearly seen and reduced and minimized, fostering freedom from these hindrances and our habitual patterns that block our path to awakening.
  3. It takes effort, commitment, skill, dedication, and support to live a spiritual path. While our clear, luminous, unbounded, unfettered mind is our natural state – the realization of who we really are does not come naturally, easily, or haphazardly. We need a strong intention, a road map that will keep us on the trail, and support from others who are familiar with the terrain we are traveling.
  4. The “natural mind” experiences itself most easily while in the presence of the natural world – wild nature.
  5. The beauty, peace, and tranquility of nature mirror the beauty, peace, and tranquility of our natural mind.
  6. The Buddha’s enlightenment or awakening, arose while he was in nature and the development of the Eightfold Path and meditative practices took place, not in temples, but in wild nature.

The mission of Dharma Wild is to offer retreats that facilitate the coming together of the natural mind with the natural world.

“My experience and training have led me to discover in a very profound way that it is in times of transition (often experienced as really scary and dangerous) that are actually the best times for heading into the wild to recover a sense of renewal and transformation.  Supported by wild nature, our tribe formed by sharing this journey, and your guide, we gain courage and commitment to take the next step on the path of our soul’s true calling.  This is the mission of Dharma Wild – to offer support in your courageous and life-giving journey.”
Wild Blessings,
Founder of Dharma Wild
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